What is A Child’s Life Worth?  

Butilding A Healthier Nepal, One Child At A Time

Every year in Nepal 30,000 children die from severe malnutrition.   We can change that story and you can be part of that effort this holiday season.

There are stories of course, that strike closer to home. The homeless veteran who gave his last $20 to help someone in need is just a recent example.  It touched many of those who saw it and over $250,000 in donations followed.  And who can be pleased about that.

But then all our causes are good and I don’t know how you choose between one person’s need and another’s. It is hard.  But the people of Nepal…the children of Nepal…have touched my life personally.   Their strength in the face of hardship. The quiet dignity. The joy they find in life simply by being with family, with friends.   And that is why we at Soarway are committed to making a difference for them; with them.

Nepal is a special place…a spiritual place….and to know that we can save a baby’s life there….that we can give a child the greatest gift of all this holiday season ….is a special thing.  And I hope you will join us in the effort.

And, if you do, if we are successful in rasing $25,000 over the next few weeks across all our projects we can win a DOUBLE MATCHING GRANT of $50,000 that will let us save even more lives.

Lhamu Sherpa entered the Nutrition Rehabilitation Home in Kathmandu as a severely-malnourished 17-month-old. In just 21 days, a scientifically-prescribed diet restored Lhamu’s health and weight. During those weeks, her mother learned how to prepare nutritious foods to keep her daughter healthy. She returned home with a healthy, happy child and life-saving dietary information to share with the women in her village.

Nepal is filled with children like Lhamu. Due to poverty and widespread ignorance about nutrition, nearly half of Nepal’s children are severely malnourished. To address the issue, one of Soarway’s “Partner’s Who Care”, the Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF) is making a huge difference and we want to help. Under its Malnutrition Prevention and Treatment Program, NYF has built 17 Nutrition Rehabilitation Homes (NRHs) throughout Nepal—the only facilities in the country dedicated exclusively to the treatment of malnourished children. Since 1998, these homes have restored the health and vitality of more than 14,800 children.

During the course of their 3-4 week stay, listless, critically-underweight children are restored to health with a carefully-monitored diet. Literally, lives are saved and the onset of physical and mental disabilities is averted. To ensure that the children stay healthy long-term, NRH staff teach the mothers how to cook local, nutrient-rich foods. The mothers, in turn, share what they’ve learned with the women in their village. NYF also hosts Diet Management Training for healthcare providers, NGOs, and school staff at the flagship NRH in Kathmandu.

Additionally, Nutrition Outreach Camps held in remote villages and in urban slums provide on-the-spot nutrition education for caretakers and nutritional screening for thousands of children and NRH referrals for critical cases, making the impact of NYF’s Malnutrition Prevention and Treatment program nothing short of extraordinary.

Soarway, with your help, will sponsor 25 children in the program this year, helping to change those 25 lives and make Nepal Healthier One Child at a Time. For $15,000 we can save those lives. Please join us. Make a difference. Engage Nepal!


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