Health Camps For Vulnerable Girls

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Health Camps for Vulnerable Girls

Nepal is one of the poorest countries on the planet and it’s children are among the most vulnerabe. And when when poverty and disaster coincide, as they seem to do far too often in Nepal with earthquakes, flooding, and landslides, the prospects become worse. And, when women and girls are marginalized and gender-based violence too often is just “part of life,” the picture gets even worse for them. 
The story of girls being trafficked and abused and becoming part of the “entertainment” trade in dance bars and cabin restaurants is far too common and has is still too much a story we talk about rather than a cause we fight against. For many in Nepal it is easier to not “see” them. To not care about these innocent victims of those who prey on the vulnerable. The problems of povery, disaster, and abuse are accepted by too many as just the way it is. 
WONDERWorks Nepal knows that someone must fight for the weak and speak for the voiceless and we want to help We want to shape a new narrative for women and girls in poverty, or who need a place to turn to escape abuse or predators. 
Dignity. Empowerment. Reintegration. That is how WONDERWorks Nepal is helping women to reclaim their lives, and one component of that effort to restore dignity is to resore health. We know how urgent the need is. WONDERWorks health camps are an important step in the right direction. 
At the two most recent camps well over 90% of the young woman and girls seen (one was seven years old) needed some form of gynecological care and four girls under the age of 14 had syphillis and one another young woman was found to have HIV.  This is why care matters. This is why we have to help!
I know that we cannot reverse the ravages of poverty and natural disasters, stop everyone of who preys on young girls, or change societal disregard for the rights of women overnight. 
But I also know that we have to try to make a difference in whatever way we can. 
For $6 per girl we can pay the gynecologist and the nurse, buy the supplies and the medicines, and cover the costs of organizing the camp! In these days of of medical costs out of control, how reasonable is that! 
With your help we can do quarterly camps, for 50 girls at a time. With your help we can expand the program and do children’s camps as well. With your help we can buy an ultrasound machine to provide even better diagnoses and care! With your help the world can be different for these girls. Without your help…nothing. 
Our initial goal is $5000. For camps for girls and children and perhaps for the ultrasound as well! And, if we can raise a total of $25,000 overall, from all our projects, by year’s end we can win a double matching grant of $50,000. 
It won’t be easy, but with your help we can do it. We can make a difference that truly counts helping those whose plight is not seen and whose voice is not heard. We can be their voice. Their partner. And, with you we can make a difference that will matter. 
Please help today. Engage Nepal!
Please, help today. Engage Nepal!

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