Nepal Ambulance Service

Nepal Ambulance Service

The Soarway Foundation is committed to a life-saving engagement with the Nepal Ambulance Service (NAS)  Working with guidance and direction from international advisors in emergency medicine at Stanford University the NAS has brought life-saving emergency care to Nepal.  Too often in Nepal an ambulance was just a taxi to the hospital…a vehicle in which critically ill patients lie praying that they will survive until they reach their destination.  Survivors of tragic road accidents risked further devastating injuries including paralysis as untrained responders failed to stabilize them and lacked the equipment to move them safely.  The Nepal Ambulance Service can change that.  NAS offers ambulances staffed with skilled and well-trained Emergency Medical Technicians able to manage trauma, run an IV line, and offer life-saving interventions.  They know how to respond to trauma and their interventions are saving lives daily.  But we need to do more and the NAS seeks to expand to parts of the country where such services don’t exist and where people’s lives hang in the balance.  And this we we are going to help them do it in Butwal, in southern Nepal.  What a gift to families whose loved ones are critically injured.  We take emergency services for granted…assume that they will be there, that we are going to be OK.,,and we’re right,  That’s our reality but not the reality for many in Nepal.  We can change that.  You can change that.   Please help.


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February 18, 2017

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