Tuesday, November 29th is #GivingTuesday.  We hope to build a campaign around that day that will spark a commitment for Nepal that will last throughout the new year.  Falling as it does between Thanksgiving and Christmas it comes at a time when where we’re already opening our hearts to the spirit of the season.  But even as we reach out to those care about to make their holidays a bit brighter and filled with love, many of us are also led to remember those whose lives are so much less fortunate, whose challenges are so much greater, and who, through simple acts of kindness and generosity we can touch.  That’s what #GivingTuesday is all about.  We hope you’ll be part of it with us.

The Soarway Foundation needs your help as we prepare for another year which we hope to launch with two projects to which we are committed but for which we still need funding. One will transform lives.  The other will save them.  Both go to the heart of the Soarway mission reflecting our efforts to build a stronger, more resilient, and safer, Nepal where people have a chance to shape a future they can face with confidence rather than fear.

All hands2

All Hands Volunteers Meet the Village

The first project, in partnership with a wonderful youth-driven NGO, Nepal Rises, is to the help rebuild Shree Surya Primary School in Nuwakot — a first step in Project Rebuild Hope.   Working with community partners who care and touched by the children whose futures our help can shape, Nepal Rises has joined hands with the American volunteer group All Hands to make a difference.  Shree Surya Primary School will not only help deliver critically important early childhood education and e-learning but this project — the first of many we hope — will bring to these children pure water and excellent sanitation facilities.  Water and sanitation…sounds simple, but so critical, especially if we want to keep adolescent girls in school.  Education empowers girls, changes their lives, and keeps them safe from the predators who would prey upon them.  We can bring this school, and others like it, to the children of Nepal.  We can shape environments in which children, and girls in particular, can learn with dignity and have the facilities that allow them to stay in school shaping a future in which they can participate and lead in their communities.


Mother and baby girl -- safely delivered by NAS!

Mother and baby girl —     safely delivered by NAS!

Our second project is a life-saving engagement with the Nepal Ambulance Service (NAS)  Working with guidance and direction from international advisors in emergency medicine at Stanford University the NAS has brought life-saving emergency care to Nepal.  Too often in Nepal an ambulance was just a taxi to the hospital…a vehicle in which critically ill patients lie praying that they will survive until they reach their destination.  Survivors of tragic road accidents risked further devastating injuries including paralysis as untrained responders failed to stabilize them and lacked the equipment to move them safely.  The Nepal Ambulance Service can change that.  NAS offers ambulances staffed with skilled and well-trained Emergency Medical Technicians able to manage trauma, run an IV line, and offer life-saving interventions.  They know how to respond to trauma and their interventions are saving lives daily.  But we need to do more and the NAS seeks to expand to parts of the country where such services don’t exist and where people’s lives hang in the balance.  And this we we are going to help them do it in Butwal, in southern Nepal.  What a gift to families whose loved ones are critically injured.  We take emergency services for granted…assume that they will be there, that we are going to be OK.,,and we’re right,  That’s our reality but not the reality for many in Nepal.  We can change that.  You can change that.   Please help.


We are asking for 100 people (though we’re happy to have more) who are willing to care.  The #GivingTuesdaySoaraway website is open now for you to sign-up as a fundraise: Fundraise for Giving Tuesday!  if  you, and 99 other committed supporters for Nepal are willing to take time between Nov 22 – 29th to ask family, friends, employers, work colleagues and others to help we can make a huge difference.  If each of you raised $200 we can change lives for girls and boys in Nuwakot.  We can save lives in Butwal.  We can inspire others to act.  We can make a difference.

This holiday season, please consider how you can help.  Your support and your energy are needed.  Join the team and share this with your friends.  Help us find 100 people willing to raise $200 each and willing to make a difference for the future of Nepal!  #GivingTuesday.  Thank you.





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