Major Donors

$50,000 – $100,000
Anonymous (2)

$25000 – $49,999

$10000 – $ 24,999
Etihad Airways

$5,000 to $9999
GC Myers, Artist

$1000 – $4,999
Tim Cullen, Hooligan Pens
Bruce Caveness
Pemba Sherpa
Suren Shrestha
Prem Kumar Shrestha/Kumar Electricals
Toussaint Family

Businesses and Clubs

$1000 -$4999

$500 – $999

  Abroad IT

Abroad IT Consulting

NEPASFinal_118Nepas Heritage Travel and Tours

Everest Lions Club of Dallas



$5,000 or more

$1000 – $4,999

$500 – $999

The Soarway 1000

The Soarway 1000 – Our Sustaining Partners with monthly donations of $10 or more


  1. Jen and Josh Odintz 
  2. BN Panta
  3. Ambassador Jeff Bleich
  4. Zack Kurland
  5. Allison and Marvin Brustin
  6. Umesh Pokharel
  7. Anne and Brian Peniston
  8. Katelyn Choe
  9. Dr. Paul Auerbach – Stanford University
  10. Nilu and Ram Kharel
  11. Ruby and Suren Shrestha
  12. The Saitta Family
  13. David Lubov Henderson
  14. Sheila and Tim Trenkle
  15. Suresh Basyal
  16. Shiva Kaphle
  17. Peggi and Bill Smothermon
  18.  Amrit Pant
  19. The Milovanovich Family
  20. Amanda Jacobsen and Cort Weber
  21. Thala’Raj Panta
  22. Sabindra Thapa
  23. Bhanu Kharel
  24. Ram Thapa
  25. Chris Allmendinger
  26. Joe DeLisi
  27. Krishna Lohani
  28. Pradeep Dhakal
  29. Suresh Sapkota
  30. Anjana Budhathoki
  31. Anup Pahari
  32. Krishna Desar
  33. Anjan Shrestha
  34. Sandip Chaudhary
  35. Joyce Snyder
  36. James Joshi and Family
  37. Prakash Nepal
  38. Ambar Hajariya
  39. Indra Baraily
  40. Hetal Guru Patel
  41. Mustang Gurung
  42. Rahakrishna Deuba
  43. Hemanta Bhetwal
  44. Dipesh Gautum
  45. Rajendra Chamiagai
  46. Priti Khatri
  47. Rish Punnakar Dhakal
  48. Adrianne DeLisi Porter
  49. Anonymous
  50. Terry White
  51. Padam Regmi
  52. Ram Manohar Sah
  53. Sanny and Andrew Wroblewski
  54. Kathie and Ken Wroblewski
  55. Ram Bashyal
  56. Subodh Mallik
  57. Renee MacEwen
  58. Ananta Baidya
  59. Aarav and Avishi Devkota

$1000 – $1499

Maria Bakker


$500 – $999
Ram C. Kharel|
Ruby and Suren Shrestha
Suzanne Nance
Lori Hall
Rajendra Shrestha
Greater Austin Nepal Society
Debbie and Jim Hannigan
Bishnu Poudel

$200 – $499
Betty Woodsend
Bronwyn and Ken Fry
Renee MacEwen
DragonFly Laser
Ranju Sharma
Stephanie Hansen
AC Sherpa
Paul Overby
Nepalese Student Association – University of Pittsburgh
Nicole and Peter



We would like to thank our donors for their continued support.  The Soarway Foundation’s work is made possible through the generosity of a growing number of partners and supporters who share our goals and objectives.

We value all our donors, and we are proud to recognize the diverse group of supporters who share our commitment to build a new future for Nepal.  Here we acknowledge those donors who have contributed $200 or more in cash or in kind to advance our efforts.  Please help us update this new feature of our website and if your contribution of $200 or more has not yet been recognized please contact us at

Wtih thanks to all.  Engage Nepal!

Our Champions for Nepal

Help us make a difference.

There is so much to do as we meet the needs of those whose lives were forever changed and as we help others prepare for the risks ahead.

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