About Us

The Soarway Foundation was created in April of 2015 with the intent to focus on disaster risk reduction and preparedness in Nepal. Little did we know that within days of our creation a major earthquake would cause devastation and destruction in Nepal, only to be followed by a second major quake shortly after. The world changed for Nepal, and the Soarway Foundation followed suit.

In the immediate aftermath of the quake we worked with Nepali Ambassador to the US Arjun Karki on relief efforts including providing direct assistance to groups working with elderly victims of the quake. We secured donations of tarps and tents and foodstuffs. Soarway produced public affairs videos with actors and musicians seeking assistance for Nepal and we began a more far-reaching and focused fund raising effort that will allow us to move forward in partnership with Nepali communities and the organizations that serve them.

We know at Soarway that there will be other quakes in Nepal’s future and that they will be as dangerous and perhaps even more powerful than those experience in 2015. And we know that the urgency of the risk reduction and preparedness mission remains unabated. But we also recognize that we must do more than just build back better to make Nepal a stronger, safer and more resilient nation for its people. We must work in partnership to support economic development, to empower youth, and to build a healthier society as well.

Fortunately, there is a tremendous reservoir of good will and support for the people of Nepal in the United States and we hope to help channel that energy and support strategically and effectively in support of Nepal in the days ahead. We need your help.

Engage Nepal.

Our Mission

Soarway believes that working in partnership with the people of Nepal we can help create a more resilient nation, preserve a culture that is a treasure for the world, and help make Nepal’s inspiring natural beauty once again accessible to all. That is the Soarway mission and we are confident that, in pursuing it, we can help shape a future that Nepalis will face with confidence rather than fear.

Buddha Statues
A hindu priest walking into the Temple

Our Projects

Soarway, of course, cannot rebuild 600,000 homes or thousands of schools even with the assistance of every person who cares about Nepal. But we can provide support for innovative projects that empower communities, that serve as a catalysts for change and growth, and that allow people to make a difference in shaping their own futures. We have partners on the ground who already have the trust of the communities they serve, who know the needs and who are capable of being such agents for constructive change and we are finding partners in the US who are willing to combine their resources with ours to make a difference.


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