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Dear Friend,

It’s August.  This is the time of year when Sirius, the Dog Star, rises shortly before the sun.  This appearance could have led ancient stargazers to imagine that the hot weather of late summer was brought by the double whammy of  Sirius and the sun sharing the daytime sky. Thus the term “dog days.”

These are the days when things get slower;  when we take a break from the heat and perhaps step back from some of our routine responsibilities. It is also a time to reflect a bit on our the hustle and bustle of our busy lives during the bulk of the year and on our engagement with the world. And maybe, you might pause to think about the difference we make, the hope we inspire, or the joy we bring to others.

At Soarway, however, we can’t slow down during the dog days. To sustain our work requires an unrelenting commitment. Websites and accountants need to be funded. State registration requirements must be met. Mundane things like insurance and phone bills are as much a part or our story as our efforts to  empower women, support those with physical challenges, or help the elderly prepare to survive the next disaster.

“Need” doesn’t take a break in August either. Although we have the funds to sponsor our first vocational training support scholarship through the Bhaskar Memorial Trust and although we have just provided a month of support to elderly Nepalis in need through the Jyoti Foundation, there is always more to do.

Sadly, we did not win our grant to fund tree planting and cultural restoration in Solokhumbu. But do we stop? No. We will submit new applications, we will look in new directions and we will continue. And soon we will launch a new campaign in support of one of our premier partners, the Nepal Ambulance Service, which is undertaking a huge new effort with the government as Nepal’s leader in pre-hospital care. The 7.0 earthquake in Indonesia on Sunday could just as easily have been in Nepal and we need constantly to continue our efforts to save lives tomorrow by acting today.

No, the dog days offer us no excuse to sit back and relax. Instead, we continue our efforts. And we need your help. You can help by taking a moment to ask how you are making a difference, whose lives do you touch, to whom do you offer hope and joy?

Please, join us. Support the Miss Nepal USA program and vote for the People’s Choice Candidate. Join the Soarway 1000. Donate to our general fund. Care. Act. Engage Nepal.

Enjoy the final days of summer and, like Sirius, rise like the sun to make a difference in the day and for Nepal.

(Above photo is of Lo Khyi — my bhote kukur (mountain dog) — a Tibetan mastiff that adopted me in Nepal.  He is now a grown dog but he reminds me every day of my ties to Nepal and the that there is always soneone….even a puppy….who needs our help.)

Scott DeLisi
U.S. Ambassador (ret’d)
Executive Director
Soarway Foundation

KHAAG: A Film for Conservation Awareness

Based off of the book “Four Years for the Rhino” by Kamal Jung Kunwar, this film by Manoj Pandit explores a man’s poignant experiences with rhino conservation in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Additionally, the production highlights the human welfare, animal welfare and environmental implications of poaching. Help us support their efforts in raising awareness of wildlife conservation and the poaching crisis. Contribute today and mention “KHAAG” in the comments of your donation:
Watch Trailer

VOTE NOW: 2018 Miss Nepal US

Voting for the 2018 Miss Nepal US has started. Please let your voice be heard! Only $1 a vote and the proceeds will help to fund our partnership with Miss Nepal USA.

We’re excited to work together with the Miss Nepal USA pageant and to empower the young women who are seeking to represent Nepal, to make a difference for the future and to have THEIR voices heard. Vote as many times as you want and support as many candidates as you like. They deserve our support. Act today.

Voting ends on August 18.

Let us take a moment to say…
We are beyond grateful for the contributions of our supporters — who enable us to aid the people of Nepal. From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you.
> Watch Video

You can join us in making a difference. View some of our current projects below.

Help Those Who Need it Most

When we were vulnerable, our elders cared for us… Let us not abandon them when the roles have turned and they rely on care from us. To support the elderly community in Nepal, donate through Crowdrise today:
Preserving Culture and Protecting the Future

Help us preserve the testaments to Nepal’s beautiful and rich culture:
Join the Soarway 1000 and Make a Difference

We need people who want to make a meaningful impact for Nepal and its residents. We need people like YOU. We are hoping to find 100 people to each donate $10/month to aid in our efforts to rebuild and engage Nepal. Will you help us make a difference? Join the Soarway 1000 by contributing today (and choosing the “monthly” donation option):

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Did You Know?

3 years after the earthquakes in Nepal, the country is still rebuilding. Learn howyou can help these resilient men and women put their lives back together.

Also, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more insights and to stay updated on all of Soarway’s current happenings.

As always, thank you for your support.
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