Dear Friends.

It is that time of year again.  The time for the incredible Soarway Foundation Artists Engaging Nepal Art Sale just in time for Thanksgiving.  What’s that?  You don’t have a Thanksgiving Art Buying Tradition?  We can fix that!  Forget Black Friday.  We’ll beat it by a month!

Time to replace the velvet Elvis?                                                                                                                Poker playing pups no longer a winning hand?

a_friend_in_needvelvet-elvis3  We can help.  We can fill that blank wall.  Bring life to your man cave!

Need a unique gift?  Last year’s birthday gift didn’t get you applause?

The answer?  ART!

Art is…..classy.  Art is ……cool.      Art…….enriches your life.



Your purchase of one of our paintings will help us to touch lives.  Will help us to support our new efforts in telemedicine, in school building, and in emergency medical services.  You can help us to continue our support for Wounded Heroes, our program to invigorate accessible tourism, and our efforts to protect vulnerable children and young women from predators.

Take a look at the catalogue link below! You’ll be glad you did!

On October 29 we’ll host a Gala Event at the Principle Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia (thank you Michele and as we offer for sale art that has been donated by artists who care…artists from Nepal and Uganda who want to make a difference on behalf of the people of Nepal.  Our Ugandan artists know about poverty and the challenges of development,  The face it every day in Uganda.  But still they wanted to help the people of Nepal as they seek to rebuild their future after last year’s devastating earthquakes.  So proud of them, and so grateful to the artists and to my dear friend at the Umoja Gallery who helped make this happen.

And thank you to our Nepali artists who won’t give up on their nation and who wanted to lend their skills to make a difference for their fellow citizens.

All of you, Tusiime and Bidhata, Edison, Jude, Lima, Sunita and so many more!  Get lost in the colors and imagery and the richness of the work they are sharing.  On the 29th sales begin but we will entertain online sales as well (prices will be posted when the event starts on the 29th of October at 4 PM!  For those who join us there will be food, and drink and great company and great art.  For those who are interested in an online purchase, please contact us at

Say NO to Velvet Elvis.  Say HEEL to Poker Puppies.  Say YES! To Artists Engaging Nepal! 

For a chance to win a painting valued at over $2500 for a tax deductible donation of as little as $25, click here!

To review the Artists Engaging Nepal Catalog:  Click here!

   Do it now!  Engage Nepal.

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