Hoste Maa Hainse — Vocational Education for Those Who Need it Most

Hoste Maa Hainse — Vocational Education for Those Who Need it Most

We have alread highlighted the incredible but unsung work that Dr. Rita Thapa is doing to fight Nepal’s number one killer, heart disease,  She lost her son Bhaskar to heart disease.  But she knows education can save others.

Education changes us.  Empowers us.  Inspires us.    And education cannot only empower Nepali youths with knowledge and skills that enable them protect themselves from the five primary risks of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), education can provide a path out of poverty as well.

And so the Bhaskar Memorial Foundation has chosen to work with  youths from disadvantaged communities who are deprived of education that can redefine their future. Although the  government  vocational  training & education schools provide a fixed quota of scholarships in the form of free tuition for qualified students from disadvantaged communities, many of these youths still cannot make use of the free tuition.

You see, they still have to pay for, transportation, boarding and food.   These costs of about $60 per month may as well be $6000 per month.  Either way, it is far more money than a poor youth in Nepal, or their family, can pay.

BMF has been helping these students to meet this gap.  In Nepali, such supplementary help is expressed as  “Hoste Maa Hainse” —  or “Heave Ho,” the act of engaging collectively together to achieve a worthy goal.  Over the course of a three year vocational training program the cost is a bit more than $2000.  And that support changes a life forever.

So far, BMF has been able to provide such “Hoste Maa Hainse”  help to only five youths, mainly due to lack of its resources. But they have seen the impact it makes.  The immense reward in terms of the transformative impact on those whose lives they have been able to touch.

BMF, in its efforts, complements the efforts of government which provides the funding for the educaiton itself.   This form of Hoste Maa Hainse yields a huge return with little investment.

Help us to raise funds to not only ensure education about Nepal’s number one killer but to also help provide vocational training for youths from disadvantaged communities of Nepal.

Help us touch one life, or two, or three.  Small steps for us, life changing for them.  Be a part of something special.  Donate today.  Engage Nepal.



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May 28, 2018

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