Sagarmatha Children’s Home

One of Soarway’s Partners Who Care

Soarway Partners Who Care: Sagarmatha Children’s Home

Changing the life of a child is truly an incredible thing. To offer hope when there was none. To give gifts that nourish the body and the mind. To protect and nurture the most vulnerable. To care.

Today, more than ever, we need people who care. People who look beyond our differences to see our common humanity and who know, that in reaching out, we begin to build bridges in a world that could really use them about now.

The story of the Sagarmatha Children’s Home is such a story. As a former Ambassador to Nepal I take care in selecting the partners with whom the Soarway Foundation works. In SCH we have found a partner that not only cares but for whom integrity and accountability are shared values. A partner whose concern is for the children it can help not with how much money it can make.

For the past 14 years SCH has helped to change the life of 300 children, most of whom have been able to be supported within their own families. “Family Care is the First Right of Children” is the mantra that Manoj Kandel and the SCH family champion. They help with education, they assist children with special needs, they are the game changer in times of crisis. They are, Soarway’s kind of partner.

Like us they are small but determined and committed. Touching lives and saving lives. Its what we do. You can too. Help to change the lives of the children of SCH either as a Supporter at $35 a month, a Partner $50 a month, or a Sponsor for $100 a month. Your gift is not only transformational but it is also tax deductible.

Donate Here Donate Today

Click donate, choose the monthly option and your level of donation. It is as simple as that! If you choose to make a one-time tax deductible gift that too will be appreciated and that can be done on the same donation page.

Individual sponsors are welcome to write to the children they support and to build a relationship and SCH will help to ensure that the lines of communication will continue while exercising due diligence on behalf of both donor and child and their families. SCH will also provide semi-annual updates and visits to the orphanage and with the children and their families are also possibilities should you visit Nepal.

Please, help us change the future narrative for these children. Truly touch a life. Make a difference. Engage Nepal!

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