Sagar Balak

Age: 14
Country : Nepal
Partner Home : Sagarmatha Childrens Home, Nepal
Arrived : Summer 2004
Favorite Activity : Singing and playing football with friends

Sagar was found when he was just 1 ½ years old by patrol police who were unable to find his guardian.  Sagar is in school and is playful, friendly, and smiley. He likes playing games and watching movies.

When Sagar was admitted he was extremely malnourished, was unable to speak, and his physical condition was poor. He has improved dramatically since being brought to Sagarmatha Childrens Home.  He has developmental delays but can talk and understand. His head is tilted to one side and his body still suffers from the deficits due to his malnourishment as a child.   He has been attending regular physical therapy, however, and has improved tremendously.

Children like Sagar need our continued support to sustain him  Won’t you sponsor this young man whose start in life was so difficult but who faces life with a smile and a song?  Please sponsor Sagar today and make a difference for a special boy

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