Kabita Balika

Age: 10
Country : Nepal
Partner Home : Sagarmatha Childrens Home, Nepal
Arrived : Summer 2007
Favorite Activity : Singing and Dancing with her friends

Abandoned just days after birth, Kabita was brought to the Sagarmatha Childrens Home by police after they were unable to locate her parents. Today, Kabita loves to read, study, and dance and sing with her friends. Kabita’s life-changing care is funded through the support of her sponsors!

For one of Kabita’s sponsors, the act of sponsorship is especially meaningful.  He said:

“I was once a refugee from Bhutan living in Nepal but I am now a U.S. citizen living in Aurora, Colorado. I have thought I have to help others as others helped me for 17 years in refugee camp in Nepal. I will continue this as much as I can.”

For this sponsor, “giving back” enriched his life. It will enrich yours too. We don’t have to have our roots in a refugee camp to know that we have been fortunate. Please, won’t you sponsor Kabita and help ensure that her care continues and that her life is filled with promise and hope? Sponsor today.

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