Sijan Singh Thakuri

Age: 6
Country : Nepal
Partner Home : Sagarmatha Childrens Home, Nepal
Arrived : Autumn 2018
Favorite Activity : Karate

       Sijan is a very curious and playful child. His smile is very contagious and soulful.  Sijan is from a very poor family and his father left when Sijan was three years old to marry another woman.  His mother is unable to support him but that has not dimmed his spirit.

He is passionate about karate and has joined karate classes.  Sijan lives in his own little world and is only starting to come to accept the  love, affection and support he receives from his new family at SCH.  As with all the kids at SCH, It would be a blessing if he could get the love and support that every child like deserves. When you support the children at Sagarmatha Children’s Home you are not just sending money —  you are helping to build a child’s future and nurturing their potential for growth.

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