Laxmi Balika

Age: 10
Country : Nepal
Partner Home : Sagarmatha Childrens Home, Nepal
Arrived :Winter 2007
Favorite Activity : Playing with her friends

Young Laxmi is a precious little girl that first arrived at Sagarmatha Childrens Home in 2007. She was about two and half weeks old when the police found her abandoned by the Manahara River. After being taken to SCH the police searched for any information or the whereabouts of her family but could not locate either of her parents.

Today, Laxmi is a healthy, active girl who speaks the Nepali language very well. She is social and loves playing with her friends and reading in her play group. She very much enjoys when the children sing songs together.

If there had been no Sagarmatha Children’s Home we wonder what might have happened to little Laxmi. But her future is full of hope and promise if you will sponsor her to ensure that she stays on the path of education, nutrition and health that has become her life. Please help. Sponsor Laxmi today.

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