Kushi Bisuke

Age: 5
Partner Home : Sagarmatha Childrens Home, Nepal
Arrived : Summer 2018
Favorite Activity : Dancing and petting animals

Kushi is a 5-year-old girl who has an incredible smile and joyful character.  She loves to dance and sing, just like any 5-year-old might.   She is good at her studies and always takes part in dance competitions where sometimes she get the gold and wins. She is very sweet and has a loving and innocent heart.

Kushi loves animals and always takes care of the cats and dogs that she encounters, showering them with love and hugs and petting.  She dreams of being a veterinarian (even five year olds have dreams!).   And sometimes, with help, dream can indeed come true.

Her parents come from a very unstable financial background and are illiterate and unable to care for Kushi or support her dreams and goals.

Sponsorship is more than just giving money. It is giving hope.   It is giving her a chance to have the potential to be independent and achieve her dreams and to know the happiness that every child deserves but that not every child, sadly, is able to experience.

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