Karma Sanje Tamang

Age: 16
Country : Nepal
Partner Home : Sagarmatha Childrens Home, Nepal
Arrived : Summer 2007
Favorite Activity :Performing and watching movies

Young Karma came into care at the Sagarmatha Children home in 2007.  Sadly, his family was unable to adequately provide for him.

Karma is a shy but intelligent boy who loves dancing, singing, and watching movies. He is healthy and aspires to play professional football one day. Karma is a dedicated student who loves learning and has excellent grades.  His favorite subject?  Algebra!

As Karma continues his journey through his teen years and into young adulthood he needs the stability and support and acceptance of those who love and care for him more than ever. Won’t you help ensure that Karma gets the support he needs? Your help can keep him on the right path as we build a better future for Nepal. Please don’t forget about children like Karma. Engage him. Engage Nepal’s future. Sponsor now.

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