Samyog Babu

Age: 9
Country : Nepal
Partner Home : Sagarmatha Childrens Home, Nepal
Arrived : 2008
Favorite Activity : Drawing and playing football with friends

Shortly after his brith in 2008, Samyog was abandoned at a bus station.  Police searched for his guardians, posted notices in newspapers, and did all they could but no one was found and Samyog became a member of the SCH family.   Eight years later, Samyog is a healthy active young boy who likes to read and play. He has a very serious and quiet demeanor but when around his friends and the people he knows he is talkative and cheerful with an infectious smile and laugh!

What would Samyog’s future have looked like without SCH?  Who would have given him love?  Who would have created a family?  Who would have cared?  Won’t you help sponsor Samyog so that the only home he has ever known can continue to provide for him and for the next abandoned hcild who needs a family?

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