One Day, One Tree; Help Nepal and Help the Planet

One Day, One Tree; Help Nepal and Help the Planet
At Soarway we are committed to Nepal and to it’s future. When we can also make a difference for the planet we share it is even better.
The Partners Nepal (TPN) is one of Soarway’s newest allies in our effort to make a meaningful difference. One of their signature efforts stems from the devastating deforestation in the high Himalayas of Nepal, including in some of the most sacred places the vastness of the Everest Region.
Ambassador DeLisi, our Executive Director knows this area personally. As Ambassador, he trekked to the ancient settlement of Pangboche, the last permanent village en route to Mr. Everest. There, the U.S. Ambassador’s Cultural Preservation Fund was restoring the historic gompa that was at the center of the community’s life.

But the sacred lands above and around Pangboche had been stripped of the trees that not only gave life to the land, preserved the mountain slopes, and held the soil but that also served as our planet’s lungs at the top of the world.
Working with the local community and those who care about the environment and global warming, the ”One Day, One Tree” campaign has helped to begin the restoration of Pangboche’s environment with over 900 juniper trees planted above the village at 13,000 feet and above. 
But there is so much more to do. The village of Phortse, for example, is another Sherpa village of 80 famililes where Ambassador DeLisi and his fellow trekkers fell in love with the community leaders who wanted to rebuild their own gompa and who shared their culture and traditions with the group in a heartwarming evening.


The Ambassador and his colleagues helped raise funds for the gompa by selling photos of their journey (some were quite good!). Now we want to help restore the areas where uncontrolled open grazing has again stripped away the verdant greenery that enriches once enriched people’s lives, graced the sacred lands, and contributed to the global environmental balance.
A gift of $25 will help us to plant four juniper seedlings, provide the protective fencing, ensure monitoring and allow TPN to provide support visits make a difference as we strive to plant 500-600 seedlings this year.

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May 1, 2018

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