This “Giving Tuesday is for the Children. Three Projects that Matter and A Double Matching Grant!

This “Giving Tuesday is for the Children.   Three Projects that Matter and A Double Matching Grant!

Dear Friends,

#Giving Tuesday is just around the corner and we hope you’ll once again help us make a difference in shaping the future.  At the end of the day we know that Safe Schools and Safe Homes are so important…but if we fail the children themselves our efforts have little meaning.

This year we have three projects we are undertaking with Soarway “Partners Who Care”.  All touch the lives of children.  All matter.  And all need your help.  Many of you have donated before.  Some of you donate monthly through the Soarway 1000.  However you have helped, please continue.  We cannot save these lives without you.  For those who have not chosen to donate either with as little as $10 a month or with one time contributions to our efforts we can only ask…please….reconsider.  We do this for the children.  We do it for the future.  We do it because we should; because we have been so fortunate compared to all those who have not.  Someone must care.  Someone must act.

We are trying hard at Soarway.  But we need your help to make a difference.

WITH your help, if we rasie $25,000 we can double that with a 2X Matching Grant. of $50.000.    Such a gift for the children we seek to help and such a gift in turn for the future of Nepal.

Here are the links to each of the projects for this year.  A project that will save the lives of severely malnourished children in Partnership With Nepal Youth Foundation.  Or one that will provide health camps for girls who ended up making their own way as children on the streets and whose support and reintegration with dignity into society calls for medical support and care.  Or yet another that will give children from impoverished families, or who are orphaned, the care that they need to keep them from the streets in the first place.

Many of us have had children who have touched our lives and our hearts deeply.  Whether our own, or a siblings, or a friends.  We are heartened when we see them full of hope, joy and curiosity about the world around them.  Please  Open your heart as well today to a child you do not know but whose life, whose joy, and whose hope is every bit as heartening and beautiful to see.

Make a difference.   Please join us.  Engage Nepal.  Donate Today


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November 25, 2017

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