In Nepal, there are over 500000 people with physical disabilities.  The earthquake added to that total.  For them daily life is a challenge few of us could manage.  No access to buildings…no access to toilets for those in wheel chairs…and no chance to be full partners in the life and growth of the nation.

In Nepal, the economy needs to be reinvigorated as well, especially tourism which is the source of income for so many citizens.

Social need.  Economic need.  One answer?  Inclusive tourism that allows those with physical disabilities to still visit Nepal and to engage in the world!  The market is huge, and the potential for Nepal to tap into it is vast.

At Soarway we want to fund a once-in-a-lifetime trek for a group of Wounded Warriors, who have sacrificed for our nation and who deserve our support now.  We know that they can manage the challenges and lead as examples as we seek to open the inclusive tourism market in Nepal to more and more people who feared that perhaps they could not share in the unique heritage and culture or enjoy the natural beauty of this Himalayan jewel.  They can and they will and, in the process we will shape awareness, we will educate, we will innovate and we can help to change the life of those half million Nepalis who face such constraints on their participation in society every day.

Stay tuned…we are hoping to have Wounded Warriors join our team and be part of the Soarway Run4Nepal.  Support them.  Support Soarway.  Help us meet the needs.  Help us make the Wounded Warrior trek a reality.   Engage Nepal!

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