Approximately 600,000 homes were destroyed or seriously damaged in last year’s quakes and left over 2 million people homeless and horribly vulnerable.  A year later, so many remain at risk, living in tents, cow sheds, or makeshift shelters.  The problems are overwhelming, and as the monsoon season approaches we are doing all we can, along with our partner Mission Rebuild Nepal, to help those in need before the rains come.

Our current task is to provide 1000 transitional shelters to people struggling in Sindhupalchowk, one of the severely affected districts in Nepal.  MRN has already helped to build 368 shelters with their fine team on the ground and we are supporting that effort in order to so we can push that number ever higher.

Moving forward together.  Making a difference together.  And, with your contribution, we will continue to do so.   Please help.  Donate today.  Engage Nepal!

Why We Run: The Children Who Need Us

kinshipFollowing last year’s devastating earthquakes we know that over 8000 people died.  Now I understand that we need  to intellectually measure the scale of a disaster — to put it in a list with other quakes, and tsunamis, and typhoons and counting deaths, and destroyed homes and  collapsed schools is one way of doing that.  But when we look behind those numbers, when we ask what they really mean, we find different measures of the earthquake that  shake us from an intellectual engagement with disaster and instead translates it into human events — human tragedies — that awaken our sensibilities and touch our hearts.

Over 8000 died last year; and so many of them parents whose children, many thousands of children, are now orphaned and face a future without the support and love of family.  Instead, they likely will be living in an institution that is overwhelmed by too many kids, too few resources, and that is unable to cope no matter how well-intended the staff may be.

So, why do we run?  Because we can help.  Because, through a partnership with our colleagues and friends at the Nepal Youth Foundation, Soarway is supporting the Kinship Care program which is providing resources  that make it possible for these children to stay instead with grandparents, aunties and uncles, and other members of their extended family who want to help but can’t because of their own grinding poverty.   Kinship Care provides the support they need to bring these children into their homes and helps the children to find love, shelter, support, and education in a family setting not in an institution.  We are committing ourselves to these children not just this year but throughout their childhood and we will follow their stories and progress to give them that chance for a future of hope.

That is why we run.  For $350 per child each year we can help them recover from the loss of their parents and help them to know the love of family again as they grow into the citizens who will help shape Nepal’s future.  Help us to change the future for the orphans of the quake and for other children in need in Nepal.

Soarway is part of Kinship Care.  We hope you will be too.  Donate today.  Engage Nepal

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