Dear Friends,

No pressure but …. this weekend is the last chance to get into a free drawing to win a beautiful painting, “Enraptured,” by an incredible artist, GC Myers.

9912136 Enraptured small


Gary Myers is an inspiring talent and I love his work so I wanted to share this chance for you to win this incredible framed painting. Of course, we’re trying to broaden the base of support for the Soarway Foundation as well….who knew that fundraising would be such a constant challenge…but I’m always reluctant to reach out to friends without having something to offer in return. In this case, your donation to the Soarway Foundation not only gets you entered into the free drawing for “Enraptured” but it will also get you a beautiful high quality print by Gary Myers featured at the top of the page.

Click here for more details and to donate:   Enter by Monday to win!

We offer you something else in return for your donation, though. Something meaningful and even more powerful than this painting It is the chance to know that through your engagement you are helping to make our world just a little bit better today. That matters. I won’t use the dramatic CAPS and the dire “the world is ending” rhetoric of all the political fundraisers we’ve received of late, but I will tell you honestly that we need your help to make a difference. I hope you’ll consider being part of our community that cares.

Want to know what we’re doing at Soarway to help Nepal? Visit us and please visit and like our page at
In a nutshell, we’re helping to create a stronger, safer, more resilient society that can better weather the seismic storms yet to come. We want to help the people of Nepal create a future that they can face with hope rather than fear. We are building shelters, funding medical missions, supporting earthquake orphans, fighting the predators who prey on the girls and children in earthquake affected areas, and we’re developing education and training to save lives in the earthquakes yet to come. All this and much more.

So, not only is there art involved today but your donation helps to change lives and save lives in Nepal. And did I mention it is tax deductible? (Soarway is a 501(c)(3) charity!). What better thing to do this weekend than to help make the world a bit better, possibly win a gorgeous painting, and get a tax break too! As I said….Trifecta Friday! And if this piece of art isn’t your style we have more to offer with art from Ugandan and Nepali artists who also want to help Nepal. Contact us to learn more.

Please visit and like our Facebook page and feel free to share this message with any and all who care about art, Nepal, and the world we live in.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday.

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