Dear Friends,

As part of our fundraising campaign for 2017, the wonderful Tim Cullen of Hooligan Pens has created for us an incredible, hand-crafted piece of history which one very luck person will own.  TIm has created the Soarway Independence, a one-of-a-kind bespoke writing instrument made with a piece of oak wood, over 200 years old, that was recovered from Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  The pen comes with a certificate of authenticity from Hooligan Pens and Tim will arrange for your 18k gold nib to be custom  ground to match your preference by the famed nib grinder Masuyama.  The pen has a custom hammered finial and ring with the Soarway Foundation logo engraved on the finial.  The red vintage cebloplast cap is striking with the oak barrel.  What a a marvelous piece of work and the only one like this in the world.  

The Soarway Independence.  Whether it is a uniquely special gift or a personal treasure, your purchase will help us in our mission to help the people of Nepal face the future with confidence rather than fear.  

Our plan has been to put the pen up for auction but, if you have an interest in purchasing it outright, let us know your offer before March 15th.  The starting bid for this gorgeous writing instrument if it goes to auction will be $2500.00  A purchase for $3000 or more will be credited with a tax deductible charitable contribution of 30% of the purchase price.

Contact us now at to own this incredible piece of history.

The Soarway Independence


Engage Nepal



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