Every day we continue out efforts to build a future that the people of Nepal will face with confidence rather than fear.  But we need your help, more than ever,  to do it,

The reality is that the Soarway Foundation is only as strong as the people behind it.   People who care.  People who are committed to making a difference.  People like you.   DONATE TODAY (choose monthly)!

Without you, Soarway is only a name.  It has no energy, except for the energy you bring to it.  It has no vision except for the vision we shape together. Soarway cannot ask for help for Nepal. It cannot tell a story of hope, it cannot build partnerships, it cannot brainstorm new ideas.   It cannot help shape the future.    Only you can.  To learn more, watch this interview:    Sagarmatha TV interview

We need champions. We need you.   We need to build a movement and we need you to be part of it.  We need people who care, who are determined, and who care about Nepal.  We need people willing  to be our voice, our story tellers, and our visionaries.   People who are willing to give of themselves and to engage.  People who have the commitment, the energy and desire to translate their love for Nepal into action.  We need leaders and change makers.  We need you.

Please, contact me at info@soarway.org if you’re interested in meaningful service as a Soarway volunteer helping to drive and shape the growth of the Soarway movement along with our new Director for Outreach Mr. Ram Kharel.  Your personal engagement matters.  You can be change.  You can be the difference.  Join us.

My hope is to find at least 100 people to be the strong, committed base upon which we will continue to build Soarway.  That’s only two people per state (though more are welcome!).  I know you’re there.  I know you’re willing.  Join us!

An it is my hope as well that those 100 will be part of  helping us to  recruit the Soarway 1000!  We are seeking 1000 supporters across the globe who are willing to make a $10 monthly recurring  (tax deductible!) donation. 1000 people who will serve as the sustainable base on which we can truly build a future.   Many of you have asked me how you can help. Well, here’s one answer.   Even if you cannot give your time for outreach or volunteering, your commitment of $10 a month  — when paired with that of 999 more partners — will be huge!   For $10 a month.  33 cents a day you can help us fund projects that matter, build partnerships that will inspire, and make true difference in the lives of people in Nepal who will benefitl.

You can be part of the Soarway 1000 right now!  Join the movement.  Make a difference.   We’ll be creating a special page here with the names of movement members  Be on it.  The Soarway 1000!  $10 a month to make a difference.  Don’t forget to click the “monthly” box to make it a recurring contribution!!  JOIN THE SOARWAY 1000

Friends…I believe we can do some fantastic things together.  But it can’t be just one person.  It can’t be two or three.   We need a movement.  We need you!   We need the Soarway 1000!

Join us.  Engage Nepal!    DONATE TODAY (choose monthly)!


Scott DeLisi

US Ambassador (ret.)

Executive Director

Soarway Foundation – Engage Nepal

www.soarway.org   www.facebook.com/soarway.org


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