Help Today!   Every project we undertake, every step we make, has an impact.  We won’t rebuild Nepal overnight and we won’t work miracles.  Instead we will do the hard work — the committed work — to make a difference every day.  To touch lives where and when we can.  It matters.  Whether we spend ten thousand dollars or ten million it all matters and our engagement matters and we can build a future for Nepal that we be stronger, safer, and more hopeful.

Schools are the heart of a community.  They are where we shape and empower the future.  Where we give boys and girls the chance to dream of who they will be, of who they can become.  Schools are a gathering place.  They are a source of community pride.  They are, for the children, beginning of their engagement with the world.  There are 125 families in the community served by the Shree Surya Primary School.  Unsurprisingly, they are poor.  They don’t have resources but they have determination and they KNOW the transformative power of eduction.  That is what they seek for their children and their community.  The transformation that comes with education and access to modern technology and ideas.

We are now engaged in a committed effort with a wonderful youth-driven NGO, Nepal Rises, to help rebuild Shree Surya Primary School in Nuwakot — a first step in Project Rebuild Hope.   Working with community partners who care and touched by the children whose futures our help can shape, Nepal Rises has joined hands with the American volunteer group All Hands to make a difference.  Shree Surya Primary School will not only help deliver critically important early childhood education and e-learning but this project — the first of many we hope — will bring to these children pure water and excellent sanitation facilities.  Water and sanitation…sounds simple, but so critical, especially if we want to keep adolescent girls in school.  Education empowers girls, changes their lives, and keeps them safe from the predators who would prey upon them.  We can bring this school, and others like it, to the children of Nepal.  We can shape environments in which children, and girls in particular, can learn with dignity and have the facilities that allow them to stay in school shaping a future in which they can participate and lead in their communities

Shree Surya Primary School, is located at Okarpauwa-2, Nuwakot. It is all female-run school with 7 teachers and about 70 students. It has Early Childhood Development class to class five.  The school has been completely unusable since earthquake — almost two years ago — and the building has been completely unusable from the aftershocks of the earthquake. The children are using a temporary learning center — still. They do not have clean drinking water, or a good sanitation facilities.  There is no library, no computer labs.

We have joined hands with Nepal Rises to build this school and that includes not only sanitation but library and e-learning and a playground as well…something as simple as that is something that the children at Shree Surya School do not have.  Imagine the smiles.  Imaging the dreams that we can inspire.  Help us today.  Your donation will make a difference.  It matters.  We need your support.  Nepal Rises has raised over $70,000.  Soarway has raised $8000 more.  We need another $40000.  To complete the project.  Can we count on you?
These are some of the children of Shree Surya School  Engage them.  Engage Nepal.  Donate Today.  Donate Today!


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