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Dear Friend,

This month starts with a challenge and an opportunity for the Soarway Foundation as we have an offer that is both inspiring and humbling.  We recently learned that a very kind supporter – we will just call her M — felt she could no longer donate to help the people of Nepal.  Why?  Well…she lived on a very modest pension and the costs of private nursing care were such that she just couldn’t find the resources to continue her charitable giving.
I was humbled and touched as I thought of her past kindness — and all the more so given her challenges.  So, imagine my surprise when she contacted me a few days later to say that, due to her disability, she had received an unexpected tax break and now wanted to use it, not for herself, but for others.   She thought, perhaps, that she could offer a matching grant to have even greater impact.   So, in hopes of generating even more support for the people of Nepal, M will match every two dollars Soarway can raise between now and June 15th with one dollar of her own — up to $5000.
I don’t know how to thank our very kind donor, or how to honor her selfless compassion and kindness other than by both continuing our efforts to make a difference with the same spirit and commitment that M has demonstrated.  And I can ask you, all of you, whether you can find it in your hearts to take a moment to match M’s generosity.
With your help we can fund our new One Day, One Tree project in the Everest region (see below).  Or we can further our cultural preservation effort in Solo Khumbu, or be a catalyst for the Sir Edmond Hillary Elder Care Center in Bung, or perhaps we can further our work to provide health care and new opportunities for those women who have been driven by poverty and exploitation into the commercial sex trade.

Then there is our newest project dealing with cardiovascular health education or our dream project to bring a team of emergency medicine physicians to Nepal as part of a new partnership addressing capacity in emergency medicine and trauma care.  There is more…much more….and with a mid-year infusion of funding we can do even more as we move forward.

Please, ask yourself if you can help us to honor M’s spirit.  Her generosity.  Help us to give even more weight to her gift and let her know that she is not alone in caring.  Few people, perhaps, would be as giving as M under similar circumstances but that’s not what we ask.  We ask only for your help to the degree that you can.  We ask you to help us to show M that her spirit is shared and that we can multiply the impact of her gift.
If, like M, you value the efforts we make at Soarway to support the people of Nepal and to make a difference in the world, please make a contribution today.  Let’s do this.  Help us meet the M Challenge.  Click here to donate.  Engage Nepal!
You can make a difference by donating
to one or more of our current projects:
One Day, One Tree.
Help Nepal and Help the Planet

We are dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of Nepal’s future — which is why we’re assisting The Partners Nepal – TPN in combating deforestation and facilitating a healthy environment. Our goal is to plant 500-600 seedlings in Nepal villages, so every contribution matters. View how your donation will help in the graphic below and support the cause today: bit.ly/2wcL6Qj
Soarway 1000

Our goal is to have 1000 people each donate $10/month to our foundation, which will help us to build a better future for Nepal. YOU can make a meaningful impact. Join the Soarway 1000 by contributing today (and choosing the “monthly” donation option): bit.ly/2I3HQZ8
Kunde Manilhang:
Preserving Culture and Protecting the Future

Please join us, The Partners Nepal (TPN) and the men and women of Solo Khumbu in making a difference. Our goal is raise $4000 to advance this cause and to help in the continued effort to restore and preserve a cultural heritage that is not only important to the people of Solo Khumbu but to the planet: bit.ly/2KfZuJS
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We have art for sale, and proceeds support our work in Nepal.

View our catalog today and choose a piece that speaks to your heart.  Not only will you be making a difference in the lives of those in Nepal, you will have a beautiful work of art gracing your wall. Contact us at info@soarway.org to purchase your favorite piece.

[This painting was created by Lima. She paints women celebrating weddings, at introduction ceremonies and in other social interactions.]

As always, thank you for your support.
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