Its Memorial Day weekend and I’m sitting in an airport waiting to return to Virginia.  A Marine in uniform just walked by.  I noticed people glance, straighten up a little or nod their heads.  I couldn’t help but smile as well and feel the pride of having contributed in my own way to serving our nation and sharing some of the challenges and some of the risks that young marine faces.   I thought of the many outstanding servicemen and  women with whom I had the honor to serve over 34 years at State and I thought of State Department colleagues who serve with honor and courage as well.   And I could not help but think of those we have lost in both the foreign service and military services as we do the work of our nation.

I wonder if some of you might be willing to help us today to honor those who serve.  We are raising funds through Soarway for a Wounded Heroes Trek of Hope in Nepal.   It will give us the chance to recognize some of our colleagues who gave of themselves for a greater good and it will help the people of Nepal as well…particularly those whose lives are made immeasurably harder by their physical challenges.

Your contribution of $15 or more will get you entered for a drawing for a $150 gift card from Toad&Co and since we are a 501(c)(3) charity it is tax deductible as well.  Help us to recognize those who serve.  Donate today.  Engage Nepal!—wounded-heroes-trek-to-nepal/fundraiser/thesoarwayfoundation

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