We just marked the first anniversary of the earthquakes in Nepal and that period more or less coincides with the Soarway Foundation’s first year of existence.  In that time we have built dynamic new partnerships and invested in projects that are touching lives and making a difference every day.  We have joined forces with the Nepal Youth Foundation to build a new future for earthquake orphans.  We have partnered with Empower Nepal Foundation to send a medical mission to the Tsum Valley.  With Mission Rebuild Nepal we are building 1000 transitional shelters.  And we will support the Nepal Ambulance Service’s expansion to reach communities never served before.

With your help we will build a new school in partnership with Nepal Rises and All Hands Volunteers, a great US NGO.  We will support Cornell University’s Nepal Earthquake Recovery Project and we will work together with Maiti Nepal to protect girls and women from those who would prey upon them.  

These undertakings are illustrative of what we have been able to do, but not an exhaustive list.  Every day we find new opportunities to make a difference and new chance to help the people of Nepal shape a future they can face with confidence rather than fear.  

Thank you for all your support.  We hope that you will stay part of the Soarway family in the days ahead. 

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