Sur Sudha:  Music that inspires the soul, soothes the mind, and stirs the heart

Sur Sudha

Known as Nepal’s “Musical Ambassadors,” Sur Sudha is dedicated to creating music that disseminates a universal message of peace and harmony and works to demonstrate how two of the world’s great religions-Hinduism and Buddhism-find perfect fusion in Nepal

Sur Sudha is an instrumental band Eastern classical and folk music. The group is lead by founder and musical director Surendra Shrestha on tabla and he is joined by Prem Rana Autari on flute (Basuri),  Rajeev Shrestha playing sitar and guitarist Bikash Sunar.

Sur Sudha has been active since 1987 and has performed over 2,000 concerts worldwide including events for Heads of State and Government and, most recently, for Prince Harry on his 2016 visit to Nepal.

The exotic but compelling harmonies of Nepali classical music find table, flute, sitar and guitar entwined in rhythms and melodies that are uniquely evocative of Nepal and conjure visions of the tiny nation nestled in the Himalayas.   Meditative one moment – compellingly rhythmic the next, the classical and folk compositions of Sur Sudha have to be experienced.

Details to follow soon but Sur Sudha will be playing in New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Boulder, Chicago, Northern Virginia, DC, and Baltimore with a feew additional shows to possibly be added!

Drop us a line at to be added to our mailing list when ticket information is finalized in the coming days!

Meanwhile, enjoy this sample of Sur Sudha’s music from Tunes of Nepal!

Butter Lamps

Engage Nepal!  Enjoy Sur Sudha!

Experience the Heartbeat of the Himalayas

All proceeds will support the work of the Soarway Foundation a 501(c)(3) charity committed to helping the people of Nepal restore lives shattered last year’s devastating earthquakes while also helping them to prepare for the quakes yet to come.  Join former US Ambassador to Nepal Scott DeLisi and his colleagues from Soarway in helping to shape a future the Nepali people can face with hope rather than fear.


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