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Fourteen Days in Nepal

Dear Friends,

I have just returned from two weeks in Nepal.  I wish you could have been there with me to see for yourselves the difference that your contributions make.  When I was an Ambassador, I saw the huge programs run by our own, and other nations’, development agencies.  They were good programs, and I was very proud of the difference we made, but they were on such a grand scale that you could not always feel or see the impact that they had on peoples’ lives.

Our programs through Soarway are not on that scale but every day of my journey I could see the lives we touch and the difference we make.  A year ago, our Women’s Entrepreneurship Program was just a dream for a few women in Biratnagar.  Today, working with local partners, there are 52 women who know the dignity of working for themselves and making a difference for their families.  They told me that no longer do they wait for their husbands to bring home money for school fees for their children.  Now the women themselves proudly pay the school fees from their earnings and contribute to the welfare of their families.  That’s real.  That matters.

I wish you could have seen the faces of the differently-abled men and women who were our partners in the Accessible Adventure conference.  No longer were they “invisible”.  They were redefining themselves and their role in their society.  They knew what they were capable of and they were determined that others would see as well.  And Soarway could not be prouder to be one of the partners in this process.

Then there were the women who, faced with no options and living in dire poverty, had entered the commercial sex trade.  Another of our new partners, WonderWorks Asia, is giving them a new sense of hope with training and a helping hand to find alternative paths.  We’re helping there too — and we’re so very pleased to be part of that effort.

And one of our strongest partners, the Nepal Ambulance Service, has trained over 100 paramedics (60 percent of its current paramedic team are women!) and it has responded to over 27000 calls since it’s inception.   In our work with NAS, which will continue, we not only contribute to saving lives today, we build capacity for the next disaster.


While in Nepal we saw the impact of our assistance on the elderly and we visited with those of advanced years who without the support of others would have nothing…no food, no medicine, no support.  We saw the impact that supporting the Sagarmatha Children’s Home has had on the lives of 19 wonderful kids.  Children who had once been abandoned and alone but who are now part of a loving family.


And we saw the potential to do far more.  Urgently needed fire safety and earthquake training for the most vulnerable in society.  We’re on it!  Reforestation efforts in the Everest region that will fight global warming and help restore the environment.  We know where to turn.  Eye camps that will help restore vision to those suffering from cataracts and to fight child blindness.  We can do it!   Desperately needed heart health education that will save lives across the nation.  We’ve got the partner!  Improving emergency medicine and trauma care as we plan for the next disaster….we can do that too!

And more.  So much more.

Every day there are new opportunities.  New options.  But we have to have your help.  We will be creating separate project fundraising pages for all these efforts as time permits but you can make a difference today by supporting the Soarway Foundation here today!  Want to have the option of monthly payments?  Click here to sign-up once to make recurring payments of $10 a month or more. (just choose the monthly option and your amount).

At times I wonder why we struggle so hard to help.  Why we continue even when appeals for partnership seems to elicit no response.  But then we see the faces of the children….we see the women who are empowered to change their lives…we see the elderly who find the comfort of care…we see the families of those whose lives were saved…and we know why.   

So we will keep on asking…again and again and again…and we will hope you will choose to join us…choose to make a difference…choose to care….choose to Engage Nepal.


Scott DeLisi
US Ambassador (ret’d)
Executive Director
Soarway Foundation


One of Soarway’s newest partners is the Sarokar Foundation which is working hard to spread the word across Nepal about fire safety and disaster preparedness. In a country where there are not enough fire trucks or firefighters, where smoke detectors are an exception not the norm, and where hospitals and schools often lack basic fire suppression equipment, fire safety becomes critically important to saving lives.  And in one of the world’s most seismically vulnerable nations, disaster preparedness is critical.

Sarokar is committed to education and training to spread the word on fire safety and disaster prepared and has begun a campaign that they hope to take countrywide. And, just as important, they are committed to an inclusive approach that will ensure that the most vulnerable, including the elderly and people with disabilities, are part of the discussion and that they too are given the training that could help save their lives in times of danger.  
We will mark the third anniversary of the Gorkha quake in Nepal that killed thousands and affected so many more. Some folks may tire of marking the anniversaries. Some may want to “move on”. But we know that the threat of the next disaster is always with us. We cannot ignore, we cannot pretend it won’t happen and we CANNOT neglect the most vulnerable who need our engagement the most.
The Soarway Foundation will join with the Sarokar Foundation to do an special day-long training on earthquake safety, fire safety, and inclusion in disaster preparedness on the Gorkha quake anniversary. The 100 trainees will include not only enthusiastic youth but elderly Nepali men and women and people with disabilities — people who so often are left behind and never told how best to protect themselves when danger threatens.
The Deputy Superintendent of the Armed Police in charge of disaster training will lead sessions as will former Fire Chief for the Kathmandu Valley, Kishore Bhattarai. We are inviting our partners at the Nepal Ambulance Service to send one of their highly skilled paramedics to speak on emergency first aid. And we will enlist 20 participants for advanced training as we build a cadre of effective community disaster response volunteers ready to act when called upon.
We are proud to partner with Sarokar and hope you will join in our efforts. Help us to save live, stop fires before they start and protect the firefighters who must step in if prevention fails!  Help us to keep Nepal safe.  Help us to protect the vulnerable, empower people with disabilities and make Nepal safer for all its citizens. Join with Soarway and the Sarokar Foundation. 
Act now.  Donate today.  Engage Nepal.

 Featured Painting for March!

Bidhata KC is a visual artist from Nepal (BFA and MFA from Tribhuvan University). From her works on paper, prints, installation and multimedia, she draws her inspiration from Mother Nature, often traveling far and wide, following the creative muse. It could be said that she is on a quest to find meanings in the objects–natural and human made–that surround her. Her work is a reflection of those hidden meanings of life.  This painting, Pinjada ra Panchi, is a 17.75 in x 24 in acrylic on canvas, and is part of a series of paintings she did to illustrate a book of poetry (poem is available).  This painting can be yours for only $700!

(We still have dozens of incredible paintings to sell at prices that are less than half of what our gallery partner valued them at.  The proceeds will go to support our work in Nepal and YOU will have a beautiful work of art gracing your walls AND a story to tell of how art makes a true difference in the world.  Our catalog is here. We can arrange for shipment if you are out of the DC area.)  

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The Soarway Mission

The earth roared, the mountain fell, and the village was gone.  Not damaged, not devastated…totally gone.  Disappeared — as though it had never been, and with it the lives of most of those who lived there, men and women, children and grandchildren, their cows and goats and their donkeys.  All gone.  And not just one village…many.  A scene repeated across Nepal.  And not a few lives lost, but over eight thousand, with tens of thousands injured and over two million people left homeless.

The earthquakes that rocked Nepal in April and May of 2015 were devastating and frightening and captured the international community’s attention for a moment in time but then the next headline came, the next disaster struck, and the world moved on.   But the Soarway Foundation did not.  Soarway was created, just days before the earthquake struck, with a mission of disaster risk reduction and preparedness in Nepal because we knew that a disaster such as the one we subsequently witnessed was inevitable.  And we know it will happen again with the potential for the same devastating consequences unless we act and act now.

Soarway believes that working in partnership with the people of Nepal we can help create a more resilient nation — a stronger and safer nation — and in the process preserve a culture that is a treasure for the world.  Nepal needs a champion, an advocate and a partner – Soarway aspires to be all three and together we can create a future that Nepalese will face with confidence rather than fear.

We are fortunate if we find in our lives something to feel passionately about and if, in pursuing that passion, we can do good, touch lives, and build a better world.   At Soarway then, we are fortunate indeed for Nepal is our passion and we know we can make a difference working on behalf of the people of that beautiful country.

Although Nepal may be one of the poorest countries in the world it is rich in spirit, in the strength of its people, and in the love that so many have for this mountain nation nestled in the Himalayas.  We hope you’ll want to be part of our quest to assist the people of Nepal to help themselves before the next disaster strikes.  Together we can build a new future for Nepal.

Join us!

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