David Kigozi

David Kigozi is another of artists engaging Nepal.  A man who cares about the world around him and who wants to make a difference.  His style is evocative, his colors warm, his subjects engaging.  Compare these paintings to those you find in any gallery in your area and you’ll find that David is on a par with his international counterparts and the price can’t be beat for works of this quality and size.  AND you’ll get a tax deduction of 30% of the purchase price as a charitable contribution.  Good art, tax breaks and making a difference?  Who can ask for more!  See all of David’s work on page nine here  as well as the work of all our wonderful contributors (the tax deduction applies to ALL paintings in our catalog).

Nepal needs your help.  Please Engage Nepal.   To purchase these or any of our paintings contact us at info@soarway.org

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2016-02-09 22.18.31








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