There is a tremendous joy in being surrounded by things of beauty.  It improves our lives.  It lightens our hearts.  It enriches our spirit.  And when you have the chance to not only do good, to make a difference, but to also win something that will inspire us — well, who can ask for more.

At Soarway, we’re delighted to offer you that chance.  Your tax deductible contribution of $25 or more will enter you in a drawing to win you this beautiful painting Stone Town by Edison Mulagu.  This painting, Stone Town, is one of the over 75 paintings that young artists in Nepal and Uganda have shared as they join hands with Soarway and the people of Nepal to help make a difference that matter.  Ugandans, Nepalese, and Americans.  Together.  Its a story we’re proud of.

Follow this link to donate and be entered to win

Make a difference.  Engage Nepal.

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