Dear Friends

Greetings from the Soarway Foundation.  

I am writing today to ask for your help and your advice. Some of you have already kindly supported our efforts with donations that we have deeply appreciated.  

The Soarway Foundation is, as you know, a 501(c)(3) charity committed to disaster risk reduction and recovery in Nepal – a top priority for me when I was Ambassador there and an urgent issue yet today

Our engagement has already had many dimensions but one of our upcoming efforts has the potential to significantly enhance our engagement and give a far higher profile to Nepal on several levels.  That project is the Wounded Heroes Trek of Hope that will send ten Americans with physical challenges to Nepal on a once in a lifetime trekking experience. Many of them are veterans, including Stefano, a double amputee who lost his legs in Afghanistan, or Sara who lost a leg in an accident while searching the rubble at the Pentagon for fallen comrades after the 9/11.  Other there’s Adrianne HaslettDavis, a ballroom dancer who lost her left leg in the Boston Marathon bombing and who demonstrates daily that courage is not only found on the battlefield.  All of our trekkers are rebuilding their lives with determination and strength and courage that inspire us.

What makes this effort even more relevant, though, is that the Wounded Heroes Trek is tied to the UN Year of Accessible Tourism and the first group, which will trek in September, will be in Nepal on World Tourism day where they will highlight the options for people with disabilities and, we hope, inspire the 500,000 Nepalis with physical challenges who we seek to empower and engage. We have the support of Nepal’s Ambassador to the US, Dr. Arjun Karki and are now talking to the US State Department and US Agency for International Development about a broader inclusive/accessible tourism engagement.  

Although I am proud of this program and the other Soarway activities, I know that it is not enough to just care—we have to spread the word and share our story about the issues that matter to us. Fortunately, we now have a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about Nepal through theEmpower Nepal Tour featuring concerts by the incredibly talented Nepali traditional music group, Sur Sudha.

The Empower Nepal Tour is tailor-made to raise awareness about Nepal’s wonderful culture while also highlighting our ongoing efforts to help the people of Nepal shape a future that they can face with hope rather than fear. The Soarway Foundation cannot do it alone, however, and that is why I am asking you to consider joining us in sponsoring the tour with a generous tax-deductible contribution.  Equally important, however, is to have your assistance in telling this story, in spreading the word, and in sharing this message within your networks to folks who might want to become part of this effort.

Sur Sudha will perform in Dallas (Aug 6), Houston (August 7), Chicago (August 11), New York City (August 13), Pittsburgh, August 16), Springfield, VA  (August  19), Washington DC (August 20),  Baltimore (August 21) and  Boulder  (August 27).

We will highlight our sponsors throughout the concert tour and on the Empower Nepal Tour website with special focus on the cities of your choice.   Please join the effort.

When friends of Nepal go to the Empower-Nepal website we’d love them to see you listed there as a Champion of Nepal.

This link to Soarway’s latest newsletter has more information both about Sur Sudha and the Wounded Heroes Trek of Hope:

You can help sponsor Sur Sudha here:–himalayan-melodies-of-sur-sudha with a tax deductible contribution or you can contact us at

Want to contribute directly to the Wounded Heroes Trek of Hope?  You can visit us here:—wounded-heroes-trek-to-nepal

Please allow our heroes to inspire you to make a difference for Nepal.  Become part of the Soarway team. Spread the word. Engage Nepal!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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