Dear Friends,

 Last year the Soarway Foundation was honored to be an approved charity as part of the Pittsburgh Marathon 2016.  That event, with the help of 100 kind supports who backed our Marathon team, energized the Soarway Foundation’s campaigns to rebuild homes and schools destroyed in the earthquake of 2015, to give orphaned kids a chance art a brighter future, to empower women to fulfill their dreams of entrepreneurship, to protect girls vulnerable to the threat of trafficking and so much more.

Pittsburgh Marathon 2017 — Running To Save Lives  The Soarway Team is running in the Marathon again this year and, once again, we’re running for a reason…we’re Running to Save Lives.  We’ll be running to support a multifaceted emergency medicine/critical care undertaking which will save lives in Nepal today and which will be vital in responding to the disasters of the future which, in one of the planets most seismically vulnerable countries — that is equally plagued with major floods and horrific forest fires — are inevitable.   To make a difference, Soarway has joined hands with some great partners — Grande International Hospital, The Nepal Ambulance Service and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to help.  Read more about our Emergency Medicine/Critical Care program here.

We have a dedicated team of runners already (but feel free to contact us at if you want to join the fun in in either the half marathon or the whole thing!) but now we need you to support their effort.  Even our Founder, Mike Kobold, will put himself out there running his heart out to Save Lives.  This is one of our biggest fund raising events of the year and, better yet, if you support our effort this year we have a 50% matching grant through the generous support of BNY Mellon!  The link below will take you to one of our BNY runners and will trigger our matching grant.

Marathon year 2.  Help make it incredible.  We’re running to save lives.  Our runners will give their all.  Please match their spirit and their commitment to make a difference for the people of Nepal.  Donate today!  Engage Nepal!

Thank you  so much


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