Over the past few days I have been traveling with Maiti Nepal’s Anuradha Koirala, the CNN Hero of the Year for 2010. Anuradha, herself a survivor of gender-based violence, committed herself to a life of service determined to do all she could to save the most vulnerable, the children and girls of Nepal who had been trafficked into sexual bondage.  Her message, her personal commitment, her dignity, her spirit…all reflected the values we at Soarway support.

I wished that a few more folks had been able to join us but it was Memorial Day weekend and that didn’t help.  And, let’s face it, in America we don’t really think about trafficking and of young lives destroyed by those who prey on the innocent.  We don’t recognize, or perhaps prefer to remain blind to, the fact that in our own cities girls are trafficked, and used, and forgotten.

For those of you who were not able to join us, who do not know of Anuradha’s work, please take a moment to watch this video. It will touch you, I hope it will move you, and, if it does, I hope it will lead you to do what those who joined us in New York and in Pittsburgh did…become part of the fight against human trafficking.

Engage Nepal!


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